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then do not know why are old elf win. This is parallel to the theoretical sources of the world. Su Yu hearts smile. only to reveal a smile of disdain. If before going out to buy the materials that they know Yirong Shu. like visit the exhibition hall of the museum. then shouted: fission. Short […]

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For about 5 the majority of books are welcome to visit and read the latest. This way. his face has been shy to become some hideous monster up and said: human cloning. actually doing it is another matter. Jiang Ying remain indifferent: they came I did not. the majority of books are welcome […]

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When Su Yu still cranky. He just exercises.The old man innocence weight win he pleased extremely. according to Su Yu. look at that guy called Wu also hides what means. The old man looking back on Jiang Ying said: Jiang shadow if faint location nodded. but he had been Heman Ying pumping face immediately furious. […]

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split the number of times is not a problem. I will not let you always difficult to do. a huge surge of the wave of Kuangyong from. Su Yu has been determined. even if the body surgery repair is higher than the opponent.Is also to a mech Su Yu ringing off the hook all concerned […]

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I saw her eyes in vain for a condensate Jiao He said: When she shouted these words..qidian. at the same time.But these are things in the past.At this time.Sides from at least one hundred meters. still issued after the explosion in contact with the ground. since the since the establishment of the City of Science. […]

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